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    After many years of business development, the company has been the formation of "sustainable development", as the core, has a certain theoretical level and the distinctive characteristics of the same time advancing with the times Yat-rich corporate culture, and its representative as follows:
Core Values
    Enterprises of all work must be "sustainable development" as the core, to seek and promote the establishment of a set of long-term sustainable development of Fu Yi-security system, and devote Fu Yat become bigger and stronger so long.
At the present stage of scientific development concept
    To "sustainable development" as the core of existing Fu Yat optimization and bigger, coordinated development, and ultimately to achieve so long.
    Unity, hard work, pragmatism, innovation and
    While maintaining stability, good in speed and risk control first.
People-management concept
    Yi-Fu Yi culture cultivation; the cause of the rich pool of people Yat; to evaluating the performance of people; to study and improve the people.
Employing ideas
    Both ability and integrity, to Germany for the first; emphasis on performance, look development, and highlight the "win-win" (Fu-Yi has always been the pursuit of common development of enterprises and employees of the vision).
Mechanism Concept
    Follow the "boat must fall behind" principle, to highlight "the reward on merit, Jiangqinfalan" principle, re-performance, look development, and follow the mass line.
Their long-term goal
    Sound management, sustainable development, efforts to build a century Albert.
    To the quality of survival, brand development, to management for efficiency, and continuously meet customer needs.
Environmental Policy
    Caring nature, pollution control; saving energy, sustainable development.
Occupational Health and Safety Policy
    People-oriented, love life, safe development, harmony and win-win.
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